Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Spring!!!

FINALLY BACK! I've been M.I.A in Washington, D.C for four days & man how I've missed blogging! So glad to be back blogging about what I love. I had no down time & at the hotel the only internet available  was on the lobby floor so it was so annoying that I couldn't do a quick post right before bed or something. But now I am back home & I'm ultra excited to be blogging about spring-fashion! Eeeeeek, I'm in love with spring! Spring weather, spring fashion... Just the feel of spring is amazingggg! Honestly as awk as it is, I incorporate springy pieces in my everyday outfits whether it be winter, fall, or summer.  And this spring is no exception to the fabulosity (totally just made up that word) of spring.

The bold colors & pastels colors mixed together, the floral fabrics, the graphic stockings, and 'here-I-am' shoes! This look just makes me even more excited for this spring! Buckle up, its gonna be a fantastic ride!

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