Monday, April 30, 2012

All New Kreations?!?

So I've previously stated my crazeddddd love affair for dessert-inspired jewelry. And yeah, there is a specific line that I'm constantly refreshing my internet to keep updated on. Of course the lovely: Kendallious Kreations. I'm obsessed. 

And well these yummy creations have been updated completely! With all new I'm-ready-to-devour, yummy, exact-looking, flawless pieces- I feel that if I stare at her Esty page too much I might drool. Cause yes they are just that drool worthy, really they are! 
Let's take a look inside the snack pantry:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


GOSHHHHH, am I failing or what!
It's been sooooo LONGGGG! Hello blog, I've missed you... I've missed you dearly and I have SOOO much to share! Aghhh, this post may be filled with all-capped words because of the excitement that is overwhelming me from the thought of being reunited with my love (OhMyShavana). Where shall I start?!?!? Hmm... Perhaps with an outfit breakdown from Easter.

What a lovely picture!!! Well this wonderful picture is a photo of me and my bestestfriend EVER! Yes, yes, yes I love her. Kay let's start with her- She recently discovered her new love for vintage items and is doing it  beautiful justice. That wonderfully colorful blazer is vintage, DONTCHA LOVE IT? I DO! I promised her that one day I'm gonna borrow it but she's keeping watchful eyes on it. Hmmmm... I would too if I were her. And look how it's paired with that sky blue pencil skirt- DRESSED TO PERFECTION, of course. Yeah, I absolutely love her outfit. 
Kay, so me... Well my mom really wanted me to buy a new dress for Easter but I refused, I decided I wanted to recycle. I was gonna lose my mind configuring an outfit at first just because everything has been over-worn in my closet, for the most part. However, I had recently got that blue silk top and I was in love. So first part: CHECK! But I needed a skirt... Hmm... What could go wonderfully with that top, I had to do it justice- so as always I scan my mom's closet. And guess what I find, this wonderful silk skirt! Second part: CHECK! (AND SCORE IT WAS THE SAME EXACT FABRIC) Then I just accessorized: black bowed-belt (which I'm in love with!) Pink floral headband (I have a headband obsession: FACT!) Micheal Kors' booties (They're my mom's- but I borrow them at least once a week!!!)  

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ballerina Shades

I am gravitated by dance in its many forms. It inspires me and makes me happier without a doubt. 
So yeah, hand me a box of nail lacquer NYC Ballet inspired & I'm gonna fall head over heels. Which is what I am currently doing as I stare at my computer screen. Well, no I haven't purchased my set yet but trust me these soft, pastels will soon be mine! They even have dance-inspired names like 'My POINTE Exactly, Don't Touch My TUTU, and PIROUETTE My Whistle.' Ahhh, how I am falling in love more and more by the second. Soft, chic, pastel, classy- the epitome of New York City Ballet.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flying High

How much higher shall we fly before we fall flat on our faces in the presences of gorgeous skirts adorned into the perfect outfit?
I am in love, if I have ever been in love before. I want to buy this skirt and spend every waking moment sporting it and pairing it with things that will either make it more classy or more absurd!!! And this girl just knows, she chooses amazing colors to make the skirt more chic yet it still stands out against the yellow and neutral color of black. 

Are you crazy about this skirt as much as I am or not so much? Lemme know!

Shoe Obsession!

Am I a weirdo?!?
Well, that's a simple question but seriously despite my extra oddness you can not say these are not wonderful creations. "Jeffrey's done it again!" Goshhhhhh, I love these head-turning, cartoon Litas. They are amazing masterpieces. They are just screaming "BUY ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!" & they are absolutely correct!!