Monday, January 30, 2012

Unconventional, Graphic Bow-ties

Well of course, I'm still on my bow-tie love phase!!! And as always I've been looking for the most perfect, amazingest prints currently out there. Then it hit me... Why not combine the two awesome concepts: bow-ties & prints? No doubt, I will soon own one of these if not all of them! Thanks to! Oh, the websites you find when you're just fishing around the world wide web. Check these out & then if you are in loveeeeee them as much as I as, check out the website!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get Ready for Hunger Games

Ever since the series first peeked from within the shadows of store bookshelves I have been absolutely obsessed. It was indeed a book worth doing as much as possible so I can stay awake to read a little more. And along with its movie which premieres on March 23rd, I am just as pumped to receive my  package of 'Colors from the Capitol' nail lacquer inspired by the story that has captured the heart of many. Care to take a look cause I can't keep my eyes off these magnificent colors that match the mood of the story line perfectlyyyyy!!! And there's 12 of them to rep the 12 districts, more to loveeeeee!

Oh So... Golden Globes

Okay, my MIA-ness will stop soon because its become absolutely ridiculous. So in my time of being away I forgot that I never shared some of my faves from the Golden Globe Awards. I always make it a point to watch the red carpet arrivals at award shows. A tradition that has been true since I was a little girl. I've always loved fawning over all the beautiful dresses! And some stars surely did make a beautiful splash at this year's Golden Globes!
Emma Stone in Lanvin

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture 
Zooey Deschanel in Prada

Friday, January 20, 2012

Majorrr Bow-tie Love!

Without a doubt my closest friends have been knocking on the door of sophistication, high-fashion, & the all-time prep look. And I wouldn't say I'm preppy exactlyyyyy but I am fawning over the bow-tie love! But I wanted to see a even bolder look than the norm in bow-tie creation! And I have! Look at these uber edgy bow-ties I searched up! All thanks to! Check out some of my faves below from the site below! Then once you're down drooling, check out the site yourself to drool some more! They're fab-u-lous!!!

P.S: Sometime VERY SOON I shall explore uber bright bow-ties but today its all about the edge!!!

All A Blaze!

Blazers are a wonderful piece of clothing that can add anything from complete sophistication to complete edginess to any outfit. Ranging in colors, cut, and style. And trust me, I've defiantly had my eye out for the perfectttt blazer. Because I always needed a neutral color in my bold outfits, all the blazers I have are either black, gray, white, or brown. But I've recently noticed blazers have taken a wander on the bold side and I'm loving it!!! So recently I took the time out to search online to see what some of my favorite stores are feeling about the trend. Oh, and they're loving it too!!! Haha! So I figure its time to put all my neutral-colored blazers aside and trade in for these oh-so-bright-soon-to-be-Shavana signature pieces! Lalalalalala! :-)

Yellow Blazer: H&M
Rose Blazer: Forever 21
Red Colorblock Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Blue Blazer: NastyGal

Do you prefer the classic blazers or are you adoring these bold ones circling around?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Justa Peekkk!!

BACKKKKK!!! And I've already started planning new upcoming posts for OMS. So before I went M.I.A, I was scanning for fabulous looks. Of course, my mind was spiraling because practically every look is absolutely fabulous. However, I did indeed find a wonderful look that is a preparation for two upcoming posts.

One which emphasizes my ridiculous love for blazers and the other that emphasizes how much I am fawning the adoration of bow ties. Can't wait to publish those lovely post & be able to share more of my love for everything fashion. Muahhhhhhhh! Hahaha. Xoxo!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Complete Obscurity

Just got this sweater via hand-me-downs & I completely fell in loveeeeee with it. I was determined to find the perfect combo. Then I remembered this wonderful gray skirt that I own and love so much as a separate clothing item that I barely wear it as if nothing else would possibly be up to its standard. Haha, in my closet my clothes have emotions. The maroon polo because well, I have to wear a collared shirt to school... But it mended perfectly. My ever-pres statement stockings. (I am in love with colorful stockings & stockings with bold prints.) Then one of my fav. pieces of jewelry, my Betsey Johnson double- necklace. I was in love with the outfit so much that I refused to take it off until someone took pictures of me in it. Hahaha! And no shockingly I did not wear a hair accessory yesterday, rather I let my hair be my hair accessory by braiding a section in the front and pinning it to the side. Then the rest of my hair was in a voluminous bun. Some advice: Don't be afraid of mixing pieces together that you are originally skeptical about. Most of the times they turn out AH-MAZING! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Splash 'a Blue

I would be absolutely positutely be lyingggg if I said the color blue wasn't dominant in my wardrobe because it is indeed. And the color blue is the color of most of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. From my gorgeous blue skirt to my totally preppy cotton vest to my ever-present electric blue combat boots. Blue was even the color of choice for my Spectacular Seventeen dress! I obviously have a love for blue-colored items although it's not particularly my fav. color. But who cares?!? I don't! I wonder if my love for blue-clothes will ever fade?!? PROBABLY NOT! :-)

Splash 'a Blue

P.S- I wish I owned all these blue pieces... I was practically drooling as I selected each one. Of course I had to include two blazers (since I have a current obsession with them- more on that later). I absolutely love dresses & no Shavana outfit feels complete without an ultra-unique & pretty hair accessory. 

A Shock of Shavana-ness

Welcome to my blog. Wow, that is so weird to say; nonetheless type. So let me introduce myself... My name is Shavana but I am often just called by my nickname Shevy. I am quite dramatic in all my explorations. My style is quite eccentric. My personality is without a doubt theatrical. And if I decide within myself to do something I put my whole heart into it... Whether it be dancing, singing, acting, writing, and now officially blogging. Of course I didn't wake up one day and say 'Hey, I should be a blogger!' It was a loonnnngggg thought process for me. After a talk with my mommy and my closest friends I decided that this would be a splendid experience indeed for me. And I am completely excited for this. I feel as if I have turned over a new leaf and I spend enough time looking up & chatting up everything fashion, beauty, and performance with whomever whenever. So I finally came to the conclusion that I outta just take a plunge and blog about all these things that I love dearly.

This shall be splendid. Eeeek, I can barely hold in my anticipation any longer... :-)