Friday, January 20, 2012

All A Blaze!

Blazers are a wonderful piece of clothing that can add anything from complete sophistication to complete edginess to any outfit. Ranging in colors, cut, and style. And trust me, I've defiantly had my eye out for the perfectttt blazer. Because I always needed a neutral color in my bold outfits, all the blazers I have are either black, gray, white, or brown. But I've recently noticed blazers have taken a wander on the bold side and I'm loving it!!! So recently I took the time out to search online to see what some of my favorite stores are feeling about the trend. Oh, and they're loving it too!!! Haha! So I figure its time to put all my neutral-colored blazers aside and trade in for these oh-so-bright-soon-to-be-Shavana signature pieces! Lalalalalala! :-)

Yellow Blazer: H&M
Rose Blazer: Forever 21
Red Colorblock Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Blue Blazer: NastyGal

Do you prefer the classic blazers or are you adoring these bold ones circling around?

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