Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Splash 'a Blue

I would be absolutely positutely be lyingggg if I said the color blue wasn't dominant in my wardrobe because it is indeed. And the color blue is the color of most of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. From my gorgeous blue skirt to my totally preppy cotton vest to my ever-present electric blue combat boots. Blue was even the color of choice for my Spectacular Seventeen dress! I obviously have a love for blue-colored items although it's not particularly my fav. color. But who cares?!? I don't! I wonder if my love for blue-clothes will ever fade?!? PROBABLY NOT! :-)

Splash 'a Blue

P.S- I wish I owned all these blue pieces... I was practically drooling as I selected each one. Of course I had to include two blazers (since I have a current obsession with them- more on that later). I absolutely love dresses & no Shavana outfit feels complete without an ultra-unique & pretty hair accessory. 

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