Thursday, January 12, 2012

Complete Obscurity

Just got this sweater via hand-me-downs & I completely fell in loveeeeee with it. I was determined to find the perfect combo. Then I remembered this wonderful gray skirt that I own and love so much as a separate clothing item that I barely wear it as if nothing else would possibly be up to its standard. Haha, in my closet my clothes have emotions. The maroon polo because well, I have to wear a collared shirt to school... But it mended perfectly. My ever-pres statement stockings. (I am in love with colorful stockings & stockings with bold prints.) Then one of my fav. pieces of jewelry, my Betsey Johnson double- necklace. I was in love with the outfit so much that I refused to take it off until someone took pictures of me in it. Hahaha! And no shockingly I did not wear a hair accessory yesterday, rather I let my hair be my hair accessory by braiding a section in the front and pinning it to the side. Then the rest of my hair was in a voluminous bun. Some advice: Don't be afraid of mixing pieces together that you are originally skeptical about. Most of the times they turn out AH-MAZING! 

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