Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Autumn Ya'll

     YES, YES, YES! 
It's autumn or fall, whichever you prefer to call this season the point is that leaves are falling off the trees in their many beautiful colors that are wonderfully captured in fashion. It is no shocker that fashion takes cues from the seasons. But I feel like many people love fall: the neutral colors, the textures, the combinations of all of the above. And I feel like fall is quite inspirational also, it makes people feel refreshed. So on that note of feeling refreshed, I feel 'blog-refreshal' is in the atmosphere. Yes, OhMyShavana is going to get a makeover. But until then I was scooping for the first time in what feels like forever and it was no surprise how inspired by fall everyone seems. Let's take a look at some of my favorite looks from this wonderful website (if you haven't already, go check it out!) These girls are incredible, take notes- I know I am!

1. Don't pack up your shorts just yet.
2. If you're feeling a little lost or lazy take inspiration from the colors outside.
3. Knit hats & knee-high boots never ever fail a fall look.

It's fall, it's getting a little chilly... Time to pack up the shorts. NO! Pair those bad boys with a pair of tights or stockings to turn your summer shorts into fall-ready beauties!

It's like she was inspired straight from the color of the leaves- the brown, the green, the yellow. Perfect! I love drawing inspiration from the colors outside. 

I think knit hats are perfect! They are both super-duper warm & amazingly adorable. And I absolutely love a pair of go-to knee high black boots. They go with practically any fall outfit. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

InstaWeek Recap

This past week was spirit week & to me spirit week is basically just a week of playing dress up or such. Which I love! I love love spirit week. I actually look forward to it. So dressing up was just bliss. The first day was just 'color wars' & the senior color of the day was blue, which was just like getting ready on any normal day cause I own sooo much blue clothing. The next day was twin or triplet day & you didn't exactly have to match you could've been a group of people or whatever. So my friends and I tried our best to dress like Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Beyonce. In which I tried my bestest to dress kinda like Rita Ora. It was defiantly interesting, for the lack of better words.

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Monday, October 8, 2012


                                         K, so I decided that Instagram is 
                                a fabulous creation! (How late am I?!?!?!?!)

And there is just sooo much you could do with that bad boy, including do a weekly (or daily; if I'm feeling inspired) Instagram recap type thingy! I feel like it would just be extremely fun! And it would kinda force me get back into the creative mood! As a senior in high school everything feels so one-sided (with all the college things to do, SATs, and maintaining your GPA) & I really haven't been feeling myself lately! But hopefully that shall all change! This is not only only for you lovies but its also a challenge for me! Leggo!

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