Tuesday, April 24, 2012


GOSHHHHH, am I failing or what!
It's been sooooo LONGGGG! Hello blog, I've missed you... I've missed you dearly and I have SOOO much to share! Aghhh, this post may be filled with all-capped words because of the excitement that is overwhelming me from the thought of being reunited with my love (OhMyShavana). Where shall I start?!?!? Hmm... Perhaps with an outfit breakdown from Easter.

What a lovely picture!!! Well this wonderful picture is a photo of me and my bestestfriend EVER! Yes, yes, yes I love her. Kay let's start with her- She recently discovered her new love for vintage items and is doing it  beautiful justice. That wonderfully colorful blazer is vintage, DONTCHA LOVE IT? I DO! I promised her that one day I'm gonna borrow it but she's keeping watchful eyes on it. Hmmmm... I would too if I were her. And look how it's paired with that sky blue pencil skirt- DRESSED TO PERFECTION, of course. Yeah, I absolutely love her outfit. 
Kay, so me... Well my mom really wanted me to buy a new dress for Easter but I refused, I decided I wanted to recycle. I was gonna lose my mind configuring an outfit at first just because everything has been over-worn in my closet, for the most part. However, I had recently got that blue silk top and I was in love. So first part: CHECK! But I needed a skirt... Hmm... What could go wonderfully with that top, I had to do it justice- so as always I scan my mom's closet. And guess what I find, this wonderful silk skirt! Second part: CHECK! (AND SCORE IT WAS THE SAME EXACT FABRIC) Then I just accessorized: black bowed-belt (which I'm in love with!) Pink floral headband (I have a headband obsession: FACT!) Micheal Kors' booties (They're my mom's- but I borrow them at least once a week!!!)  

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