Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movie Time March!!

I have nicknamed March, Movie Time March because there are SO MUCH MOVIES that I'm overly excited to see. I'm such a quality-movie addict so of course I'm keeping up with what's coming out! Always ready to escape into a movie with amazing actors and actresses, a interesting plot, and a killer script!! But just to list a few:

                                                           Dr. Seuss': The Lorax 

Call me a joke but I completely love this picture book and the fact that it actually has a bigger meaning. I love cartoon's they remind me so much that I don't always have to take myself seriously while teaching me lessons; WHOA! How do they do that:? Haha.
March 2nd

The Hunger Games
Need I explain? I fell in LOVE with the book the first day I began reading it & I'm ultra-excited to see how they transport all of the action and passion on the big screen! 
March 23rd

Mirror, Mirror
I recently indulged in Abduction starring Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins, since I have been obsessed with  the amazingly gorgeous Lily Collins! In Mirror, Mirror she plays the enchanting Snow White! 
        March 30th

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