Sunday, February 12, 2012

Collared Bright

I normally spend wayyyyyy to much time searching for collared-shirts. Although people are somewhat bothered by them, I love them. Because I'm required to wear a collared-shirt to my school, I feel as if they have grown on me. So I see them more than just a requirement of dress code. They are a way to tone any outfit as well as giving it a classy, preppy feel. I'm observed how my fellow peers are content with the normal polos to fulfill the collar-requirement and at first I was too. But not anymore; too general, too expected. Plus I'm just getting tired of them. So I spent the time trying to find more than the expected polo or plaid collared-shirts and found some real unique shirts that would turn heads. For this search I headed to to find beautiful and unique shirts that aren't exactly found in just any store. 


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