Saturday, February 11, 2012


Kayyyy so once upon a time when I was just fishing around the internet I came upon Susie Bubble and her wonderful blog. Her style is wonderful, colorful, cartoonish perfection & I couldn't resist. I found somehow found out a while back that she designed her own platform boots but I couldn't find them no matter how hard I tried. But I could not possibly give up the search and yesterday after all my hard work I finally found the magical shoes that have been on my mind for oh-so-long. I am dazzled with the idea of owning these beauties and finding the perfect outfit to compliment the perfect platform boots. The florescent yellow, gentle lilac, and subtle coral compliment one another perfectly. Not to mentioning the difference in fabrics: leather and pony hair. Its about that time to start saving as much as possible so my closet will be graced with these beauties. Shall I share?
$ 605

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