Tuesday, March 6, 2012

H&M Gears Up For Spring

I know that people are catching on the hat-craze & I'm proud to say I'm a mad hatter also. Hahaha- It does miracles at covering up my lazy, "I-don't-wanna-do-my-hair", summer days. So when I spotted these lovely hats in H&M I had to share them with you.

Its also a minty delight; which is no doubt gonna be a signature color for this wonderful spring & I couldn't get enough of this sweater & pair of shorts. 

What else? A new, wonderful array of bags! Must love, must buy! Haha... I especially adore the pink & brown one just because of the color blocking.

The way H&M styles their mannequins always excites me (such a weirdo obviously!) Check out the tights in the first one, I defiantly want to own those! The other three are pretty simple, edgy, and chic! 

COLORS: I'm sure you won't be able to run away from the fun hues & prints that will be strutting down the streets this spring. I'm in love with all of these pieces, but if I was forced to buy only one it would prob me that dress in the second picture because its springy & I'm such a dress person (bonus points for having a collar)!

And just a graphic-ish tee for the fun of it, hahaha! 

So yeah, you might want to check out H&M. Personally, I love shopping there. The pieces are fun and vibrant plus they are easy to put together with anything whether its something you already have laying around  in your closet or whatever (or maybe that's just me!) 

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