Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girl's Day Out

It's what we do.. Get all dressed up or the latter and go out with our closest friends. An event that has proven itself to be one of my most favoritest pastimes. And my closest friends & I do so often. This past weekend, we splashed into the world of Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) in the movie A Thousand Words! I had never seen the trailer but my friends were persistent about watching the movie they had heard was ah-mazinggg! And eeeek, it was incredible. It was a hilarious comedy with actual life lessons and of course, Eddie Murphy knocked it out of the park with his amazing talent. So go, go, go & see this amazing movie!

I am in love with mi amiga's coral lace crop top, so I of course decided to throw on my coral skinnies & my yellow crop sweatshirt. 

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