Saturday, March 24, 2012

Diamond Nails?

I really love the fact that I have such a wide collection of nail lacquers! They make me so happy. As a bit of a girly-girl one of my favorite past times is getting comfy & doing my nails- legs crossed on the floor with my favorite blanket and my magical box of various nail lacquers as I catch up on previous episodes of my fave shows. So I really do buy A LOT nail lacquer. Haha, but I love doing my nails & coming up with new wacky or classy ways to embellish my nails. 
Doing nails = THERAPY!

So of course I'm excited to see what's out there in the world of new nail lacquers & I truly to love Essie nail lacquer. And I wanted to enter the world of sparkly, dazzled luxeffects. Essie says to "think of my luxeffects as the cherry on top" AND that is exactly what it is. Luxeffects is the cherry on top of luxuriously, gorgeous nails. Luxeffects are textured top-coats to be worn over a gorgeous nail lacquer & adds so much sass, bling, and fun! 
Indulge in the five amazing shades: 

'a cut above'
   'shine of the times'
'set in stones'
'pure pearlfection'
'as gold as it gets'

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