Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goofin' in Pastel

Afterr, an amazing college campus tour in NYC it was time to take pictures and take in my city like a tourist. Hahaha! I must say I don't go all the way down to Washington Square Park often but it is truly a vibrant place! And after walking around a bit and looking into various stores my sister and her family swept my mother and I up and dragged us to the beach. Can you say FUN? Perfect way to end such an incredible day soaking in the sun, while I listen to music, and begin reading Mockingjay FINALLY!

                                                              Shirt: Old Navy
                                                              Shorts: Forever 21
                                                              Sandals: Mom's Closet
                                                              Sunglasses: H&M
                                                              Necklace: Call It Spring

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